Succulent Obsessed

     I keep trying to think of when I got my first succelent... It had to have been when I was 18. I just accumulated them so quickly! Now I have a variety of plants. Truly if my window sill was longer I would have more. Succulents are super fascinating plants! They retain water so their leaves are squishy and thick. Because of this they don’t need to be watered all that much, which makes them fairly easy to take care of. They also come in a variety of whimsy shapes, and colors. That is probably my favorite part.

     My garden has done pretty well over the years. Most of them have survived at least 3 moves with me. As far as succulents go I pretty much water them once or twice a month. Have them right in my window so they get plenty of light. Let the soil dry out in between waterings. I am lucky because one of my best friends is a terrarium artist. Well, artist in general (she is so crafty). Tracie knows her shit about plants. She has taught me a lot. I do most of my markets with her so if you’ve been to any she is the master-mind behind Little Roots. My favorite little gardener. It has been super cool learning more about my plants!

     If you couldnt tell this post is really just about convincing you to make your own urban garden. Because it’s extra fun, and easy. Here is a simple list provided by Tracie on how to properly plant a succulent! I hope your lovely garden thrives... 


  1. Put down a thin layer of rocks at the bottom of your container. This helps with drainage.

  2. Put a layer of active charcoal on top of the rocks. This helps with keeping bacteria out and preventing mold from growing.

  3. Fill to desired height with succulent soil that contains lots of perlite or crushed pumice/turface

  4. Secure succulent root in the soil

  5. Add fun stuff like crystals, moss, shells, sticks etc,


Soil is key! Make sure it’s very dry in between waterings. 1-2 times a month. Tracie uses a spray bottle, and I just do droplets of water (out of a straw) on the roots.


Here is a peak at some of my plants!

Out of the Box

    Our whole lives we have heard variations of the phrase ‘step out of your comfort zone’, but how often do we really do that? Until recently the unfamiliar was beyond scary for me; I have never been fond of the uncertain. For as long as I can remember I took extensive steps to avoid being pushed outside of my bubble. Mostly (I’m certain) this is because I feared rejection and failure. What I didn’t understand was just how rewarding it could be to dip my toes into the unknown. To ‘step out of my comfort zone’. With every new thing we try, we in return grow. Even if that thing didn’t settle, resonate or stick we still learn a lesson about ourselves. It’s important to learn how to fail, and accept failure. I have grown in the last few years more than I have in my entire life. I have failed plenty of times during this period, but I have also succeeded in so many unmeasurable ways. I have learned humility, become humble, and tapped into my inner confidence that was always just out of reach. My roots have dug into the soil and my leaves are stretching to the sky. This is all because I have learned how to take risks.

    A recent risk I took really inspired me. As artists we often stick to our forte, when really creativity is fluid and can be mastered over many mediums. In my eyes, trying to dabble beyond your practice will always end in a lesson (good or bad). I am by definition a silversmith and jewelry designer. What I didn’t realize was that by building a brand solo-dolo, I have to be much more than that. It isn’t just about creating a solid product anymore – it’s about learning how to sell it. We live in a world where everything is just a click away. You can search “silver jewelry” on Etsy and you’ll come up with about 100,000 listings. I have the ability to create some pretty neat jewelry but I need to set myself apart.  

    What I have learned is the importance of imagery. Being able to showcase my work, and relate it to my demographic. This means clean and clear product photos, as well as, applied fashion photography. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with some awesome photographers. One of them being a best friend of mine (s/o Ash), whom is dripping with talent. I have, and always will, love working with other creative individuals. It’s almost euphoric creating with another person and watching them do what they love. Probably because it reminds me of my own passion and how alive it makes me feel. I made a goal 6 months ago to grow my photography competence. This is much easier said than done. It’s simply intimidating. My camera is like a computer! The respect I have for photographers cannot be expressed enough. I’ve been toying around with photography for some time. Taking pictures of friends, and getting real good at product photos. I even know my angles and lighting pretty damn well. What I hadn’t done yet was take pictures of an actual model. This was a major goal of mine that I truly didn’t think I would have the confidence to give a real go.

    Yet, the idea of styling and capturing my own brand completely enthralled me.  So, I put on my big girl pants and I did just that. Luckily, the lovely Carson was not only absolutely flawless, but a complete doll. She was so effortlessly perfect. It really was just a confirmation that being put in a box wasn’t my thing. I believe in myself, and will continue to try things even if they make my stomach flip a few times. I wanted to share this not just because it was a success - it could’ve easily been a fail. I wanted to share this so maybe I could inspire even one person to break the chains they have created for themselves. Be fierce in the unknown. Had I not taken a leap of faith in something that was uncomfortable, I wouldn’t have had this amazing experience. It’s not always going to be peachy, but life never is. Life is messy, wonderful and frightening. But you are in charge of your own life, and the risks you take will mold you into the best version of yourself. So go ahead… Seize the day!

   Model: Carson Case @carsonmckeee

Photographed & Styled By: Taylor Booth @JadeFirCo