Soooo what are we all about?

We want to create jewelry that embodies both elegant simplicity, and the complexity of the natural world around us. Every piece that you'll receive is a complete original; just like you. It's free formed, unmeasured, and always crafted by hand. You absolutely deserve to have something that represents your authenticity! Don't you think? We think jewelry should always be an extension of you, not just a little addition to your outfit. So, start representing yourself! Most importantly - let your natural beauty shine!


 Almost 75% of our metals are recycled from a local pawn shop in Oregon, and all of the scrap is put back into the melting pot. We don't support being wasteful so we always try to do our part. We also LOVE to use recycled stones, and do it as much as we can - if a recycled stone is used it'll say so in the description. 


A Little About the Lady Smith... 


"My love for rocks began at an early age... I often spent time drudging through rock mounds with my rock-hound of a grandfather.  His collection always blew my mind; pristine glass shelves lined in little white boxes that contained every crystal, and mineral under the sun. I still strive to have a display that impressive.

The first time I gained a true appreciation for rocks was when he taught me about the wonders of a geode. It was a particularly wet afternoon in Corvallis - so naturally to my grandpa that meant rock hunting was in order. The whole day was spent running around in the rain searching for the glisten of an agate. Our journey came to an end after my grandpa discovered a rigid egg shaped rock. At the time I didn't understand the excitement of finding such an ordinary rock, but he soon unveiled its beauty.  When we got back to his work shop he split the rock in half to reveal the most beautiful iridescent crystal formations inside. I remember being so completely mesmerized by it. A geode was a perfect example of how to 'not judge a book by its cover'. My grandpa taught me how to appreciate the Earth, and its creations.. I'll always have that to share with him. When I found my old rock box buried away in my dads warehouse I was flooded with memories. It had been years since I revisited these times. When I saw that geode sitting inside (now in pieces due to many moves) I just couldn't fathom letting it go ever again. I ran to my garage, and found some wire. I wrapped up the geode, put it on some string, and tied it around my neck. Before I knew it I had a necklace that carried the most precious memory I've ever had. Thats where my journey began. 

I strive to create memories, and make pieces that help people feel unique, and beautiful. Jewelry should have deeper meaning than just being trendy - it should tell a story. It should be made with love, and have thought behind its design. It should represent you, and who you are. Jewelry can radiate your being if you let it."

- Taylor Booth


"This is the very first crystal that I recieved from my wonderful grandfather.. Nothing quite beats the beauty of Citrine "

"This is the very first crystal that I recieved from my wonderful grandfather.. Nothing quite beats the beauty of Citrine "